Restaurant Chef and Leadership Insight


How Perseverance Helped Scott Wise Build a Restaurant Empire

When opening a second restaurant led to ruin as a young operator, Scott Wise rebounded with a chain of successes.

Chef Vivian Howard's Small-Town Story Makes a Big Difference

She cooks, she writes, she stars in the award-winning TV show “A Chef’s Life,” and—most of all—Chef Vivian Howard makes a difference, dispelling food myths along the way.

Ruby Tuesday's President, CEO Resigns

Ruby Tuesday, Inc. announced that, effective immediately, the board of directors appointed F. Lane Cardwell, Jr.

It’s Miller Time in Madison

With a James Beard Award on his résumé and four thriving, diverse concepts, Chef Tory Miller is committed to turning Wisconsin’s capital city into a culinary hotbed.

Michy Displays Her Might

After opening two restaurants in the last year, Chef Michelle Bernstein is riding the Magic City wave.

The Sum of All Parts

Whether built in a basement or a boardroom, restaurant groups around the country are growing and evolving—relying on the strategies, vision, and passion that helped them survive and thrive in the first place.

Restaurant Rock Starr

Stephen Starr has booked famous comedians and musicians, but for the last 20 years his restaurants have been booked solid and he keeps opening high-performers.

Looking Global, Acting Local

The Melting Pot has given guests more reasons to dip and dine, increasing frequency of visits and improving guest satisfaction.

Culinary Science Degree Delves into Flavor

Many of us came independently to the idea of a culinary science bachelor’s degree.

Steps to a Healthier Kids’ Menu

There are five best practices we recommend to restaurants and menu developers in creating kids’ menus, and they range from the foods offered to how they’re described.