Two skewers of three large jumbo shrimp, wrapped in hardwood smoked bacon and brushed with a parmesan butter sauce.

TGI Fridays

Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Shrimp are part of TGI Fridays' new menu lineup.

TGI Fridays' Menu Overhaul Continues with New Fire-Grilled Meats

Salmon, bacon, steak, ribs, and chicken take center stage.

TGI Fridays goal to completely overhaul its menu by the end of 2018 hit another milestone Wednesday (February 7). The casual-dining brand debuted its new Fire-Grilled Meats at all locations, meaning more than half of the menu is now revamped.

TGI Fridays new offerings lean heavy on protein and can be ordered as one of the Fire-Grilled Entrees on the Choose Two Meats Menu. Here’s what it looks like:

Center-Cut Sirloin

  • A 6-ounce premium center-cut sirloin seasoned with a hickory smoked sea salt, topped with Parmesan butter.

Half-Rack of Fridays Big Ribs

  • Fridays Big Ribs are 30 percent meatier, bolder, and tastier premium pork back ribs that are cooked low and slow in-house.

Dragon-Glazed Salmon

  • An Atlantic salmon filet brushed with a sweet and spicy Korean BBQ sauce and topped with a mango pico de gallo, made in-house daily.

Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Shrimp

  • Two skewers of three large jumbo shrimp, wrapped in hardwood smoked bacon and brushed with a parmesan butter sauce.

Parmesan-Crusted Chicken

  • A new and improved Parmesan-Crusted Chicken topped with a white poblano queso and toasted with crispy Parmesan breadcrumbs.

“Any iconic legacy brand must continuously evolve to stay relevant and successful. As such, Fridays is focused on being a unique dining destination, which means offering high-quality, craveable menu items you can’t find anywhere else,” said Fridays chief marketing officer Stephanie Perdue in a statement. “Innovation isn’t the end product. Innovation is a culture grounded in a strategic vision and willingness to take risks, which in this case means investing in our menu and offering those premium items at a price point that our guests not only find valuable, but keeps them coming back for more.”

In spring 2016, TGI Fridays introduced the Fridays Burger Bar. The line of burgers, including the Buffalo Wingman and Philly Cheesesteak Burgers, debuted a new patty blend of chuck and brisket on a challah bun. The brand said the change lifted sales 15 percent in its Burger Bar menu, which also now features the Beyond Meat Burger.

The next menu move came in October with the Big Ribs. The 30 percent larger ribs debuted to strong reviews in Texas and St. Louis before rolling out to TGI Fridays’ entire U.S. system on October 18. TGI Fridays said the ribs drove a 45 percent increase in carryout sales in the pilot markets, with guests ordering online via the Fridays’ website and app, Facebook, Twitter, and AmazonPay. The Big Ribs showcase new flavor options, such as Sweet Memphis and Savory Bacon Crusted as well, in addition to the classic Fridays Original BBQ and Jack Daniel’s BBQ. They are slow-cooked in-house and marinated for 24 hours in Fridays’ blend of citrus and smoke flavors. They’re then fire-grilled and seasoned.

The ribs also came with new premium sides, like Brussel sprouts and Giant Onion Rings, which are also available with the Fire-Grilled Meats.

TGI Fridays improved salads and sandwiches as well, it said, and is now taking aim at pastas and desserts.