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A visually dynamic Buffalo Wild Wings menu is making a huge difference.

How Buffalo Wild Wings' New Website is Boosting Transactions 20 Percent

The October-launched site is already paying major dividends, the company says.

Buffalo Wild Wings’ new website is off to a bullish start. The company announced Wednesday that the site, which rolled out in October, has already boosted website transactions by 20 percent. It was designed to make it easier for guests to see, find, and order menu items, on both mobile and desktop devices. It also streamlines the takeout ordering process on one integrated platform.

Visitors can experience a visually dynamic Buffalo Wild Wings menu, search for localized promotions and restaurant information, and explore exclusive content.

“With our new website, we wanted to create a more dynamic, responsive and personalized user experience that puts our Fans one step closer to enjoying their favorite food,” said Brooks Goldade, director of digital experience, Buffalo Wild Wings, in a statement. “Our site now brings the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant experience straight to the web and makes ordering B-Dubs online stress-free.”

Key features, the company explains, include:

Mobile-First Design: With a majority of visits to its site coming from mobile devices, Buffalo Wild Wings created a platform with the mobile user in mind. The site offers a simple, straight-forward experience that allows users to find the information they need quickly, including food, promotions, location information and exclusive content. The new site has seen a 16 percent increase in mobile user satisfaction scores.

Visual & Customizable Menu: The online Buffalo Wild Wings menu reflects our “show, don’t tell” mentality. Visuals for every item allow users to quickly view, select and breeze through the ordering process. Fans can customize each item to their personal preferences, resulting in nearly countless options for enjoying Buffalo Wild Wings anywhere.

Favoriting Items: Fans can save their go-to menu items and previous purchases to help expedite the ordering process on future visits.

Promos: Looking for information about a favorite wing or drink special? The “Promos” section provides a snapshot of the various ongoing and limited time promotions offered at the local Buffalo Wild Wings. This section is customized by a user’s location so they can find the best deals at the nearest restaurants.

Fan Zone: The “Fan Zone” offers timely and relevant content for fans to explore, while providing them with Buffalo Wild Wings’ unique take on sports. The page features tips and advice for sports lovers, exclusive video content and information on national and local events hosted at Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants around the country.

Locations: Fans can search for the closest Buffalo Wild Wings based on their zip code to display key location details, such as address, phone number, hours of operations, and beer tap list, as well as special events.

The news is another added boost for the company, which has surged on the stock market since news broke late Monday that Buffalo Wild Wings could soon be sold to private-equity firm Roark Capital Group for $2.3 billion. The company was trading at $117.25 Monday and is currently $147.35 as of Wednesday morning.