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Dave & Buster’s Debuted 'Faux Doctor's Notes' for First March Madness Deal

The eatertainment brand offered downloadable doctor's notes so guests can take a 'SIICK Day' to watch March Madness at its restaurants.

Dave and Buster’s launched its first basketball promotion for March Madness with “Slam Dunk Deals," and is giving out downloadable faux sick notes so customers can skip work to watch—per "doctor's orders."

“We knew fans everywhere will be tuned in for March Madness, so we wanted to offer fans everything they need for a perfect game day—great food, games, and giant screens everywhere,” says Ashley Zickefoose, chief marketing officer at Dave & Buster's. 

The nationwide promotion—which started on March 27 and ends May 28—allows customers to watch the games, have a meal, and play arcade games at their local Dave and Buster's. Starting at $29.99, customers can choose from a variety of entrees from the Watch menu, such as the All-American Cheeseburger or the Chicken Nachos, and receive a $20 game card until the promotion ends.

Along with the “Slam Dunk Deals,” Dave and Buster’s is also helping customers get out of work to watch the games by running its "SIIICK Day" campaign. By providing downloadable doctor's notes with a range of fictitious illnesses to choose from like "Lamfrauhaüsen," "Dangle Tange," and "Swollen Tooth," customers can provide their employers with excuses to get out of work.

“Dangle Tangle” allegedly occurs when the uvula—the small piece of tissue in the back of the throat—ties itself in a knot, and the only cure is screaming to loosen it. Dave and Buster’s recommends rooting for sports teams at a local location to get better. “Lamfrauhaüsen” apparently results in mucusy substance on the brain and inflammation. It leads to a “longing for community,” and therefore, Dave and Buster’s prescribes socializing and for employers to not be displeased when they see their employees at Dave and Buster’s. 

“We know the first round of March Madness is huge for basketball fans, but 50 percent of the games happen during the work day. If fans truly want to enjoy it, they’ll typically need to take time off so they can have a 'Siiick Day,'” says Zickefoose. “We wanted to offer fans the tools to help them get out of work, and into a Dave & Buster’s—the fun downloadable doctor's notes were the perfect solution.”

Although Dave and Buster’s is centering “Slam Dunk Deals” around basketball, the brand wants to create an “unmatched game-day experience” for every sport, including UFC, Football, and hockey, according to Zickefoose. Dave and Buster’s hopes to establish itself as a prime location for sports fans by providing games, food, and its "WOW" wall, a 40-foot screen that can be divided into nine different screens.

“As the college and NBA seasons heat up, we want to be the spot to satisfy all your sports-watching needs. We wanted to offer fans an exciting kick-off to a jam-packed season of game watching with their friends,” Zickefoose says. 

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