The Sum of All Parts

Whether built in a basement or a boardroom, restaurant groups around the country are growing and evolving—relying on the strategies, vision, and passion that helped them survive and thrive in the first place.

Expanding Matchbox Introducing New Menu and Proprietary Wine

Matchboxfoodgroup will roll out new offerings in all of its matchbox American Kitchen + Spirit locations in August, including the company’s 10th and 11th matchbox locations, scheduled to open

Matchbox Food Group Expands into Coral Gables

Matchbox Food Group announced the latest expansion of Matchbox American Kitchen + Spirit to Coral Gables, Florida, in The Shops at Merrick Park, the area’s leading shopping and retail de

Matchbox Food Group to Open New Location in Virginia

Matchbox Food Group announced the latest expansion of Matchbox American Kitchen + Spirit.

Matchbox Food Group Continues $20 Million Raise Ahead of Multi-Unit Expansion

Matchbox Food Group announced the release of a private bond ahead of the restaurant company’s expansion of its Matchbox brand, which the group expects to lead its national growth th

Matchbox Food Group Opens First Texas Restaurant

Further expansion of its matchbox restaurant to Texas with an initial Dallas location

Five Dining Concepts Join Mixed Use Community in Virginia

One Loudoun, a 358-acre omni-use, master planned community in Loudon County, Virginia, is proud to introduce five new restaurant options: Bryan Voltaggio's Family Meal, Uncle Julio

Why Matchbox’s Small Business is on Fire

Perry Smith understands how to grow a brand.