The 2016 Buyer’s Guide

Pan Seared Trout in Herbed Broth from Clear Springs.
Pan Seared Trout in Herbed Broth from Clear Springs. Clear Spring Foods

FSR editors handpick the best products for chefs and operators to consider in the coming year, across multiple categories.

Whether operators are looking to stock up on the essentials, from footwear to tableware, or seeking out the next breakthrough technology, this bountiful collection brings together a variety of the best products introduced into the restaurant industry over the last 18 months.

FSR editors combed through reader nominations, product announcements, and industry headlines to showcase fresh and re-energized tools capable of taking full-service operations to the next level. Chefs and restaurant owners hoping to improve efficiencies and enhance the dining experience will find ingredients and edibles—ranging from global to local, healthy and gluten-free—along with some of the most efficient equipment innovations along the way.

Neither a beauty contest nor a ranking, these selections are a gathering of wish list, shopping list, and curiosity-piquing items that can assist operators as they try to make the best, most-informed decisions in a crowded, growing, and abundant marketplace.

Catered Affairs

Operators are increasingly seizing opportunities to host special events, whether in the form of elegant banquets, intimate formal dinners, or festive tailgating picnics.

Anticipated Presentation

1 Anticipated Presentation

With the World Tableware Personal Chafing Dishes, food arrives at the table covered, ideal for keeping individual portions or shared appetizers warm. The stainless steel miniature chafers include a base, bowl, and handled lid, with the lid’s knob serving as a pedestal to create a staging area for discarded items, like seafood shells. Available in four sizes, 5-inch to 8-inch, and packaged 12 per carton, priced from $474/carton to $790.08/carton.

Farm-To-Table Decor

2 Farm-To-Table Décor

With the look of trendy burlap, but without that material’s limitations, FashnPoint Burlap offers a vintage, rustic look. Unlike burlap, which is coarse, scratchy, and not very absorbent, FashnPoint Burlap is made from 100 percent recycled tissue, and one napkin is strong enough to last an entire meal. The product comes in placemats, guest towels, napkins, FlatPacks to roll silverware, and a CaterWrap, perfect for outdoor dinning. Priced to order.

3 Better Than Paper

All the whimsy and nostalgia of classic paper picnic plates, without the tendency to buckle under the weight of any food heavier than chips. Meet the durable melamine plates from American Metalcraft, available in five sizes and resplendent in pure white. Dishwasher-safe, stain-resistant, and ready to party.

Small plates, in three sizes, priced $4.80–$7.80 each; 10 7/8-inch plates priced $11.80 each; and 16-inch plates priced $24.80 each.

Consistent Service

4 Consistent Service

Vidacasa Buffetware, released in October, introduces temperature-controlled buffetware that works independently of electricity, gels, fire, or ice. Hot cells and cold cells keep food at ideal temperatures for 50 minutes up to 8 hours. Each set includes a base tray, plate, and cold cell. The 12-inch-square by 4-inch-high set (two pack per case) is priced $244. Hot cells are sold separately; a 12-pack case of 6-inch by 1-inch hot cells is priced $360.

Fine-Dining Display

5 Fine-Dining Display

The Allure collection of premium dinnerware by SCHÖNWALD caters to the notion that place settings at special events should be as elegant as in any fine-dining restaurant. A thin profile, radiant appearance, and trademark BoneWhite porcelain elevate the collection, which includes plates, bowls, platters, cups, saucers, and more. The small 6 5/8-inch plates, packaged 12 per carton, $331.68; Large 12 3/8-inch plates, packaged six per carton, $783.60 per dozen.

Condiment With a Kick

6 Condiment With a Kick

Made with the distinctive Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce and Red Gold Tomato Ketchup, this condiment packs a powerful kick. Conveniently presented in a 20-ounce inverted squeeze bottle, the Rooster Ketchup stands proud on any table or buffet line. Priced to order.

Fresh Holding Patterns

7 Fresh Holding Patterns

With thermostatically controlled heat and humidity, the Flav-R-Savor Tall Humidified Cabinets keep a variety of foods fresh and hot, maintaining optimum serving temperatures for extended periods of time. One cabinet will accommodate 12 sheet pans or up to 24 steam-table pans. Priced to order.

Earth-Friendly Catering Trays

8 Earth-Friendly Catering Trays

Plant fiber catering trays made from wheatstraw are certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute and are guaranteed to break down in two to three months. They can be used for cold and hot items, to 220 degrees Fahrenheit, and are gluten-free because wheatstraw is the plant fiber that remains after the grain has been removed. Microwave- and freezer-safe, the catering trays are available as one-compartment, two-compartment, and three-compartment serving vessels.

A pack of 25 is $26.73; a case of 200 is $181.74.



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