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At Alizé Restaurant in Las Vegas, tea and coffee are brewed tableside with a considerable amount of artistic flair.

Coffee as Performance Art

As a finale to Alizé Restaurant’s seven-course tasting menu, guests who order coffee or hot tea are treated to an artistic performance of their beverage being created. The fine-dining restaurant, located at the top of the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, released the new beverage offering in June.

“When we execute this new service, it truly creates a quiet spectacle within the restaurant,” Joseph Marsco, Alizé’s director of operations and managing partner, says. Servers assemble the coffee maker, then brew the coffee or steep tea at guests’ tables, a culinary performance that averages 10 minutes from start to finish. 

Manufactured in England, the Cona Vacuum coffee maker utilizes a glass rod method of filtration, versus a cloth filter. Because the coffee never encounters the system’s metal, the brewing process results in clean, bold tasting notes, Marsco explains.

Alize’s executive chef Mark Purdy and Erik Anderson, roast master at Colorado River Coffee, collaborated to create the program’s robust coffee flavor offerings.

Purdy and the Alizé team often prioritize working with local purveyors, like Colorado River Coffee, when developing menu options. Together, Purdy and Anderson developed two coffee blends. One, inspired by the Grand Canyon, is the proprietary Red Wall blend, which includes sweet fruit, cocoa, and soft nutty flavors with a bright finish. The certified organic Cascadia Decaf blend features beans from Asia, Central America, and South America. The program also offers 12 loose-leaf tea varieties, steeped and served at the table.

“With this new program, guests truly appreciate the service, as this becomes part of their final moments with us,” Marsco says. “And what better way to conclude a great meal than with a cup of coffee or tea that’s served in a pot that looks like a work of art?”

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