Coda Coffee Named “Roaster of the Year”

Denver-based Coda Coffee joins an elite list of the finest roasters in the world. Roast Magazine announced that it has selected Coda Coffee as its Macro Roaster Roaster of the Year, an honor only nine other coffee roasters have ever received. The magazine selected Coda based on several factors, including its company mission, dedication to sustainable practices, commitment to employees, education practices, quality of coffee, involvement in the industry, and innovations in roasting.

Brothers Tim and Tommy Thwaites started Coda Coffee in 2005 as young entrepreneurs in their twenties. Since the company’s inception, they have always focused on social responsibility and applied sustainable business practices, even when it came at a higher price. In 2011, they created their Farm2Cup program as a way to “do good” around the world. The multi-faceted program helps the farmers they buy from improve their quality of life, the communities where they live, and their quality of coffee.

“We’ve developed amazing relationships with many of our coffee farmers and it feels good knowing we’re not only serving friggin’ awesome coffee, but truly making a difference for others,” says Tommy Thwaites, co-founder of Coda Coffee. “Tim and I grew up in the coffee mecca of Seattle and have loved coffee for years. When we decided to officially turn that passion into our careers, we knew we wanted a company that made decisions based on what was right and not just on what made the most money.”

Earlier this year, Coda Coffee became a B Corp Certified company, a designation reserved for companies committed to meeting high standards of social and environmental performance and accountability.

“Winning Roaster of the Year and being honored as a B Corp company in the same year is a dream come true,” says Tim Thwaites, co-founder of Coda Coffee. “Receiving this kind of recognition from Roast Magazine for not only our high quality coffee, but for all the other things we do locally and around the world, makes this journey even more exciting.”

Coda Coffee, which also has a satellite office in Phoenix, Arizona, strives to advance the industry through education for its employees and vendors. Coda has a state-of-the-art training room where it provides hands-on education to make sure every cup served is carefully and artfully crafted.   

“Roast magazine is proud to have Coda Coffee as our 2014 Roaster of the Year based on their commitment to the industry, their drive for quality and their passion for creating sustainable lives,” adds Connie Blumhardt from Roast Magazine.

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