The Future of Wholesale Beverage Ordering Arrives

Stocking a beverage program is just a click away these days.
Stocking a beverage program is just a click away these days. Thinkstock

Online platform SevenFifty is streamlining the complicated process of stocking and maintaining a thriving beverage program.

Jason Restivo’s “library” was a brimming three-ring binder occupying space in the living room. Inside were books from alcohol reps and distributors, all with enough fine print to direct a thriving beverage program in Savannah, Georgia. “My wife was like, ‘What the … why do you have all this stuff everywhere?’” Restivo recalls.

Like many aspects of the hospitality industry, technology is sending business clutter the way of the pager. Beverage programs are no different. In fact, it’s often one of the most daunting and muddled aspects of running a restaurant, especially when a concept has more wine labels than calendar days. Restivo, a former general manager at local institutions The Olde Pink House and Garibaldi, is only weeks away from opening his own restaurant, Atlantic, in a former gas station on the corner of Drayton Street and Victory Drive. When it came time to stock the concept’s beverage inventory, he turned to SevenFifty, a platform he discovered around three and half years ago. In those days, the company was relatively thin on outreach. But this past September, SevenFifty announced its burgeoning online ordering platform to the masses. The system had already been in place for a few months. In Restivo’s view, it’s been an invaluable asset. “Before, I was probably emailing my distributors every week saying, ‘I’m looking for a closeout list,’" he explains. "Or, ‘Can you send me a new updated inventory portfolio?’”

SevenFifty labels itself an “online platform for the wholesale alcohol industry.” The system streamlines the process, allowing buyers to create, track, and manage orders to multiple distributors. “More or less, it just takes up space on your desk,” Restivo says of the reams of paper he used to keep on hand. “It takes up space in your car, in your backpack. It’s everywhere.”

SevenFifty is more than another online shopping cart, however. For starters, Restivo says it gives him access to products and services he couldn’t target before. Whether it’s 2 or 7 in the morning, Restivo can work on his restaurant. And that business isn’t limited to just ordering and stocking. SevenFifty is an order management system that leverages email workflow between buyers and distributors. The idea is to connect all communication throughout the tiers of the wholesale system.


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