Ken Weaver

Stout Choices

While hops and IPAs in their myriad forms remain a huge part of consumer interest right now, there continue to be both year-round and seasonal audiences for dark beers, and stouts in particular. ...

Best Pairs

“The main thing is,” explains Sarah Marshall, “How do we make the food taste better?”

Brewed to be Green

Beer that reflects environmental concerns and social awareness is gaining traction.

Growing the In-House Beer Program

As craft breweries reached double-digit share of volume in the marketplace for the first time last year, equipment options and training resources have continued to improve.

From Tavern to White Tablecloth

Entrepreneurial restaurant groups are defined by their ability to create a portfolio of distinctive and, typically, quite diverse concepts.

Perfecting One's Craft

As more full-service restaurants include a heavier focus on the beer side of their menus, implementing an elevated taps program opens up less-familiar service turf.

Hop Trends

Two correlated trends are making a mark in the beer industry and are worthy of exploration: session IPAs and the newer hop varieties.

Craft Brewery Buildouts

The craft beer industry is thriving, and with it the appreciation for pairing fine brews with fine foods is trending upward as well.