Keith Loria

Culinary Road Trips

There are plenty of ways for a restaurant or pub to expand its brand, but two innovative thinkers have come up with a way to connect with people around the country.

Lessons at Lunch

Millennials consider themselves a generation of foodies, which is why new entrepreneurs seem to be coming on line each month in the hospitality industry, offering fresh ideas and enthusiasm to take

Selected by the Sea

It was during a trip to Spain that a lightbulb went off in the head of fishing enthusiast Sean Barrett.

Farmers Harvest to Chefs’ Orders

Instead of subscribing to the notion that the closest proximity dictates the highest supply quality, Spoonbar, a restaurant in Healdsburg, California, found a way to tap into a wider range of micro

Experience Matters

When Pete Pjetrovic was presented with the opportunity to join businessman and restaurateur Rocco Trotta in opening an elegant, classic American steakhouse at 72 Madison Avenue in New York City, he

Ordering Made Simple

While pursuing an MBA at Georgetown University, Konstantin Zvereff and Jag Bansal were given an assignment that focused on a growing restaurant chain, and they immediately saw that something seemed

Beer For the A­­­ges

It’s long been a practice to age wine and spirits for better flavor, but a recent trend has found many in the beer world experimenting with aging methods, coupled with an increased desire from cons

Doubling Up

One of the hippest trends in bar menus as of late has been the appearance of chef-inspired drinks—usually a craft beer—exclusive to a particular restaurant through a partnership with a beverage pro

Customized Ordering

Nowadays, it’s not that unusual to see an iPad serving as a menu or ordering device, but back in 2011, when Paul Motenko and Jerry Hennessy, co-founders of Stacked: Food Well Built, added iPads to