Ellen Koteff

Parks & Rec Diner Forges its Own Identity

Named for the actual department in the Motor City’s government that called this space its home for 40 years—and not the former hit TV show—Parks & Rec Diner is introducing Detroit to the boundl ...

Food and Furnishings

Brick & Mortar Kitchen offers guests what few other restaurants can—the option to buy the tables, chairs, bar stools, or patio furniture while feasting on Momma’s Meatloaf.

Setting the Town A-Twitter

There may be a 140-character limit to a tweet, but when it comes to the ground-floor restaurant located inside San Francisco’s Twitter building, the experience is anything but restrained.  ...

A Proper Introduction

Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises founder Rich Melman refers to himself as “part artist.” In that case, it would be difficult to find a more appropriate culinary canvas than the powerhouse company’ ...

Romancing the Home

Joe and Katy Kindred’s culinary journey is one that undoubtedly could inspire a new generation of recruits for the restaurant industry.

Return to his Roots

In 2011, a journey to the Middle East helped Chef Alon Shaya rediscover his deep-seated culinary roots.

Garden State Grandeur

By any measure, the debut of Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen was a major restaurant opening in Morristown, New Jersey—perhaps the biggest the New York–metro commuter town had ever witnessed. ...

Positive Momentum

Café Momentum is, financially speaking, operating at a deficit of about $40,000 to $50,000 each month.