Charlie Pogacar

Care In Your Cup

Positive stories during the beginning of the pandemic included restaurants treating essential workers to free lunches or an early-morning coffee. Some companies with excess face masks donated them to local hospitals, and retired doctors put their stethoscopes back on and headed out to areas with a scourge of COVID-19 cases. An Italian opera singer went viral when she sang for her neighbors during a spring 2020 lockdown. But even as these stories retreated into the background there were companies behind the scenes ensuring that the spirit of giving back remained strong. Plenty of restaurants and vendors have ongoing initiatives that strive to create good and make the world a more equitable place. ...

Creating Differentiation with Coffee

Full-service restaurants have always had to work hard to get diners in the door. It’s a competitive segment that requires menuing items that consumers emotionally connect with in order to establish brand loyalty. One area where restaurants can create that emotional connection is with a well thought out beverage menu that provides something diners can’t get off the shelf of a grocery store. “Varied coffee offerings can be a huge difference maker,” says Kristen Impastato, director of marketing with Segafredo Zanetti. “Consumers are growing weary of the coffee they’ve been drinking at home,” Impastato says. “They’re craving elevated experiences, especially with coffee drinks, whether it’s espresso, cold brew, iced coffee, or some kind of unique latte.” ...

Perkins Names New CDO, Is Ready to Grow

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery is a 63-year-old brand best known for being a pioneer in the $11 billion bakery segment, as well as serving up decadent breakfast fare.