These are the signs it may be time to switch and how you can prepare

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Tech + People: Taking the Pain Out of Labor

This article originally appeared on HotSchedules co-founder and CCO, David Cantu shares insights into issues plaguing labor managers and how to address them. There are many new issues facing restaurants when it comes to managing the workforce. From legislation to fresh competition for talent in the labor pool, operators must find ways to address these […]

How the Gig Economy is Revolutionizing Restaurant Training Programs

Picture this: It’s 10:00 a.m. on a Wednesday morning. You’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed after a late shift. You’re tired, hungry and oh yeah, your car broke down so you need a ride to work. But first food. You scroll through your phone to find the Favor app (or in […]

Restaurant Video Hacks: How to Create Training Videos on the Cheap

Video is one of those training tools that’s effective whether you’re six, 26, or 66. Today, with the immediate popularity of YouTube and organizations like TED Talks and Khan Academy, you can learn from your computer or your smartphone, whether you’re sitting in the bed or waiting for the subway. And you can find educational videos on just about […]

5 Reasons You Need Online Scheduling Software

If you were to describe the manual process of creating, managing and communicating employee schedules, what would you say? Chances are your complaints sound something like “time-consuming, inefficient and never accurate.” You might have some other four-letter words, but we won’t print those here (you can share them with us on Twitter though). What’s interesting […]

Manager’s Guide to Choosing the Best Learning Management System

This article originally appeared on the Schoox blog. Planning to switch to mobile corporate training through LMS? Wondering how to choose the best Learning Management System? What features to look for and consider? If yes, then this blog post is a must read for you. We will share with you great tips on choosing the best […]

How Restaurants Can Use Gamification to Drive Sales and Culture

This week, your restaurant is the latest Final Fantasy video game. You’re debuting some new menu items and happy hour specials, which have been months in the making. Marketing has been on a roll, getting the word out with limited time offer emails, social media posts, and direct mailers. You’re confident your limited time offer […]