Restaurant Technology News and Trends

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Emerging trends, proven solutions, and all the news about the best technology products and services in the hospitality industry—written from the perspective of what delivers ROI for full-service restaurants.


IndiCard in Action

They may earn tips, but servers, bartenders, and valets can easily be overlooked in a customer’s dine-out experience.

Waitlist Me App Helps Manage Summer Crowds

Restaurants are using Waitlist Me to handle the surge in demand

EMV Explained

The October deadline looms, but decisions to become EMV-compliant should be based on business metrics rather than fear of hackers.

Gratafy Mobile App Wins Award For Beverage Purchase Tech

Gratafy was designed as a way to let friends purchase and share beers from anywhere around the globe

Dave & Busters Shares Guest Feedback Strategies

Editor's note: Hear Helmuth Mayer, director of strategic initiatives at Dave & Busters, discuss how the company uses guest feedback to improve th

A Better Way to Buy Online

Baldor Launches New Site To Simplify Buyer-Grower Exchange

Zuma NYC Showcases Signature Aesthetic

Izakaya Japanese Restaurant Deigned By Lilker Associates Consulting Engineers

New Chili's Loyalty Program Combines Ease and Engagement

My Chili's Rewards Leverages Technology, Personalization, and Gaming

Landry's Inc. Partners With Coravin For Elevated Wine Program

The Coravin System Allows Users to Pour a Glass of Wine Without Pulling the Cork