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Educated Urbanites: The New Foodies

An expanding and tasteful demographic is garnering attention from full-service restaurants. Should you target them, too?

Culinary Program in Utah is Accepting Students

The cooking series at the Park City Culinary Institute, a culinary program in Utah, is heating up again after filling all seats in the first cooking class program this fall. 

Restaurants Named Top Business Sector in Poll Restaurants Named Top Business Sector in Poll

The restaurant industry is regarded as the top business sector in America according to the results of the annual Gallup Work and Education poll released last week. 

Restaurant Industry Named One of the Most Competitive Job Markets Restaurant Industry Named One of the Most Competitive Job Markets

A recent study conducted by LiveCareer, a resume builder and online career website, analyzed the site's entire resume database for the first half of 2014 to determine the most in-demand job fields. 

Industry Study Reveals Workforce's Goals and Compensation Industry Study Reveals Workforce's Goals and Compensation

Nine out of 10 restaurant employees say they are proud to work in the restaurant industry, while three-quarters believe the industry offers them a strong career path and upward mobility, according to a new workforce study released today by the National Restaurant Association Educationa

Report: 43% of Industry Workers Live Below Twice the Poverty Line

One of the largest labor sectors in the U.S., the restaurant industry, has nearly half of its workers living under the income threshold required for a family to make ends meet, among many terrible working conditions, according to a new report. 

NRA Announces Employee Education Alliance

The National Restaurant Association announced a new alliance with business-advocate Job Creators Network (JCN) in an effort to provide entrepreneurs and business leaders in the industry with the tools they need to educate restaurant employees about the public policy issues that directl

iTEP Hospitality Exam Tests English Proficiency

The iTEP, or International Test of English Proficiency, is a new test aims to evaluate the job-related English skills of employees or potential hires in the hospitality industry. The iTEP is a line of exams used by more than 500 U.S. schools for international admissions purposes.

Five Steps to Safer Kitchen Floors Five Steps to Safer Kitchen Floors

Restaurants are a minefield for slip and fall accidents, and most of these occur in the back of the house, or the kitchen area.

ICC Launches Advanced Chef Training Courses

International Culinary Center, the cooking school with locations in New York, California, and Italy, has launched an Advanced Chef Training slate of courses to help today's professionals hone their skills. 

Drexel University Adds Culinology Undergraduate Program

The Research Chefs Association (RCA) announces its newest certified Culinology undergraduate degree program at Drexel University in Philadelphia. 


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