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A Taste of Home

Restaurateurs from other countries have emotional as well as financial investments in the dining experiences they create in the U.S.

FSR 50: Top 10 High-Performing Micro-Chains

Small but mighty, that’s the defining characteristic of micro-chains that boast multi-million-dollar portfolios.

FSR 50: Top 10 Chains Based on AUV

The restaurants on this list excel at performing consistently across their portfolios, as evidenced by 2014 average unit volumes that place them among the highest-performing brands in the industry whether compared with other chains or independent operators

FSR 50: Top 10 Groups

Each of the leading restaurant groups is a billion-dollar empire, with at least two or more full-service brands.

Fruits of Fall

From traditional choices like apples and pears to tart and tangy pomegranates and cranberries, a cornucopia of fruits are seasonal celebrities.

FSR 50: Chain Dynamics

Key performance indicators in five segments highlight the leading full-service brands in the U.S.

Chef Sophina Uong Repeats at San Francisco Lamb Jam

Chef Sophina Uong of Revival Bar + Kitchen took first place for the second consecutive year at the San Francisco Lamb Jam, winning in the categories of “Best of Show” and “Best As

McKendrick's Steak House Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary

McKendrick’s Steak House, an independently owned, classic American steakhouse in Atlanta, will celebrate its 20-year anniversary in November.

Stella San Jac Opens Its Doors in Austin

Stella San Jac, an Austin-American inspired restaurant located on the corner of San Jacinto Boulevard and Fifth Street in Austin, Texas, officially opened its doors on July 16.